Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Natasha's Awakening

Indie Author Release on Amazon Natasha's Awakening By JA Melville
Eric Rothman was the CEO of his company. Natasha Barrington had been his PA for almost a year. She'd watched him and the never ending procession of girlfriends who came and went regularily since Eric was famous for his fear of commitment. Secretly she wanted him, but she knew he'd never want her. He'd never shown any interest in her after all. Then one day he surprised her with a proposal. One week with him, in a hotel, just sex, nothing more. Should she accept knowing what he was like? Eric was everything Natasha wanted, gorgeous, sexy and he was offering her sex. Would it be enough for her or would she leave him at the end of the week with a broken heart and possibly no job and no future? Could Natasha finally be the woman to cure Eric of his commitment phobea? Was it worth her taking that chance? Sometimes in life you just have to give up with safe and sensible and throw caution to the wind, go with your gut instinct and do something that you might not normally do...... The attraction between Eric and Natasha was intense, overwhelming and their desire for one another was insatiable. Could Natasha settle for a sex only relationship with Eric or would her heart be broken? This book contains explicit sexual content. Not suited for readers under 18.

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