Join Our Street Team

This blog was started as a joint venture between two friends and authors. We believe in teamwork and would love to have you join our street team. What is a street team? As a member of ours this is what we ask:

1) Spread the word about our works, online and in person
2) Place (honest) reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and other sites
3) Share our posts through twitter and facebook
4) Whatever else you feel would help promote our work (just please run it by us first)
 5) Purchase our books on release day and/or help spread the buzz on release day

 What do you get by being on our street team?
 1) Cool swag and prizes
2) Chances to win free books
 3) Be the first to know of new releases
4) Free promotion of your work
5) The joy of being part of a fabulous team ;)

 If interested, please complete the form below and one of us will contact your shortly,
 Renee and Chelsea

Street Team Application

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