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                             The Brothers of the Bayou Series

The Best Laid Plans

Beaux Chauvin loved his land of the bayous. He had no intentions of leaving his South Louisiana roots. He was an honorable, hard working man not given to impulses , with a serious avoidance of females. Until meeting Lacy Landon.

Lacy Landon was finally standing on her own two feet. Born and raised in Charleston, she had been an unknowing pawn in a game of deceit from her father and boyfriend. Now she was beginning her own life that had no room for a man, especially not one as devastatingly handsome as Beaux Chauvin.

But life has its own plans for both of them as they embark of a journey of love, lies and hidden family secrets. As they face unseen dangers, they lean on each other falling more in love. They learn that life may not always be beautiful, but love will see them through.

The Best of Intentions

Chemistry ignites like a lightning bolt between Jared Chauvin and Monica Jenkins, but they are too much alike; both are independent, devoted to fast-paced careers and indulge in the wild side of life. When Jared offers Monica a relationship she runs away scared, and smoldering emotions are brought to life when she returns several months later. Just as they are adapting to their newly established relationship, tragedy strikes, and they are forced from their newfound bubble of bliss. Together they will grow as they discover what really matters in life, culminating in a decision that will prematurely change their lives forever. This second book in the Brothers of the Bayou series continues the story of the Chauvin family and will leave the reader with a fresh appreciation of love, family and friendship.

The Best is Yet to Come- Coming Summer 2013

Render Me- Coming Summer 2013

Redemption's Release- Coming Late Summer 2013

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