Monday, October 28, 2013

Let Love Heal Release Day

Perfection.  We all strive for it, but what happens when the desire to be perfect consumes you?  What happens when the need to bury your mistakes blinds you?
Melanie Crane has always been the perfect daughter, friend, student – she’s been perfect at everything, in fact.  But when she lets her insecurities, the ones that she keeps hidden from everyone, get the best of her, she falters in her pursuit of perfection.  Melanie crumples under the pressure and buries her pain.  Numbed by sadness and guilt, she is determined never to let anyone find out how broken she really is.

Bryan Mahoney may appear to have everything in order.  He’s charming, witty and completely swoon-worthy. In short, Bryan has life all figured out, but appearances can be deceiving.  When the landscape of Bryan’s family changes in an instant, he’s left to pick up the pieces.

Not all bruises leave a mark. Now, weary and afraid, Melanie and Bryan must find a way to let love heal their broken and jaded hearts.

~Thoughts from Chelsea ~

I was fortunate enough to read this book before publication. Melissa Collins became a favorite author of mine when she gave us Reid and Maddy. This series is an addiction, pulling you in, Let Love Heal is no different.

Melanie, oh how I connected with this character. She's real. Like most women, I too, put on appearances at times, while my internal emotions churn with negative thoughts, I smile and put on the face of perfection. Insecurities reek havoc on the way you think of yourself, but also your reactions and interactions to others. The journey of Mel and Bryan is one that is heartfelt and true.

Bryan, oh the hottest IT guy ever, just sayin'. There are some many qualities of Bryan to fall in love with. He's smart, handsome- forget handsome- he's hot, he's kind, considerate, loyal, loving, and strong. My heart broke for him multiple times in this book. I didn't think there would be another character in this series to love more than Reid.......I was wrong, Bryan will capture your heart and hold onto it.

The other thing I love is the pieces of the side characters we still get. Peyton is so feisty and I love her. We get more Cammi and Jack. I love having Momma's side story, too. (I'm leaving out any of that but its a must read to find out)

Hands down, I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a book to connect with. This one can be read as a stand alone novel or following Let Love In and Let Love Stay which are also two fantastic reads!!!!

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