Friday, May 10, 2013

Interview with Nora, protagonist from Bitter Fruits by Sarah Daltry

Today we have Nora here to answer a few questions for us about her character.  Thank you Sarah Daltry for bringing her here today.

What is your major in college and how did you choose that?
I have a double major in English and art history. Growing up, I was obsessed with mythology and history - probably because my parents are both professors. I considered a major in history first but I like stories and I like the way that English and art bring history to us in a way that is more human. When I study history, I am not interested in facts and figures but in the people who lived it, who were there. My travels inspired me to enjoy art and literature because I was able to see many of those facts and figures come to life inside museums or in the ruins of another time.
When you decided to attend the masquerade party, did you ever dream there would be real vampires?
No. As I said, I love mythology but I have always believed it was just that - myth. We explain the world in story and all stories have a reasonable explanation. Vampires were another one of those myths that I felt had an appeal but were grounded in reality that we just did not understand. Alec has taught me, though, that even our myths are not always accurate and we do not always know the truth about creatures we fear or admire.
Before meeting Alec, did you believe in vampires and/or ghosts
Ghosts maybe. I have walked through the ruins in Rome and felt like there was a presence with me. Castles in Britain have that same effect. When there is so much history present in a place, it is hard not to believe that something of the people who experienced it got left behind. As far as vampires, no. Not at all. I only went to the party because my roommate. Scarlet, wanted to go - and because I was bored with frat parties.
Does your family know about your current relationship(s)
My family and I are not very close. It is not out of any animosity but I am an only child and my parents were in their 30s when they had me. When I went away to school, they took it as an opportunity to go back to doing what they loved most - traveling and studying overseas. Because of this, we only speak rarely. I have not had much time to talk to them about what is happening; it also happened too fast.
What is the kinkiest thing you have ever done?
Before I met Alec, my sex life was extremely vanilla. Most of it involved a lot of awkwardness and fumbling and at least one of us (usually me) left unsatisfied. There was one night during freshman year when Scarlet and I both got way too drunk and, when we had no one to go home with, we took the party back to our room. We don’t talk about that, though! My first time with Alec was in an old church, which is pretty kinky in and of itself.
When you have tough decisions to make, how do you face them?
With a whole lot of snark. I have a tendency to turn things that upset me into a joke because I don’t know what else to do. When Alec first told me about his history, I thought he was kidding. I handled it with no grace at all and made a lot of bad jokes. It is basically what I do! 
What is your worst fear?
If you had asked me months ago, I would have said being alone. Now, with everything happening, it is losing someone I love. I am facing losing someone and I guess I would say I fear being forced to choose and it ending in someone dying.
If you could go back and not attend the party, thus never meeting Alec, would you?
No. Even with the events that have happened, I love him. He warned me several times about following him and the risks it would entail, but I followed willingly. He may not have told me just how complicated things would get, but I am in too deep now. But I would not give up for anything. (Also, this is maybe shallow, but the sex is too damn good!)
What color best describes your life at this current point in time and why
Red. Red represents passion, anger, and death. What has happened to me lately is a combination of the three.
What is one thing no one else knows about you
I don’t want to be weak, but sometimes, I am not sure I am strong enough to stop this from ending badly.
Is there anything else you want people to know about you?
If I don’t make it out of this, or if things end the way fate seems to be predicting they will, I want people to know that I loved in earnest. There are forces at work far greater than a college girl and despite the assistance of others who have significant resources and experience, I am really only just a girl. I don’t want to die, but I also don’t want to lose anyone I love and I will go down fighting if that is the only way.
Thank you for spending time with us today.  Read more about Nora in Bitter Fruits by Sarah Daltry coming June 25, 2013

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